Bloggers' victory: Gray Hilton libel case struck out
23 Jul 2010

Blogger and political activist Johanna Kaschke has had her libel case against fellow blogger’s John Gray and Alex Hilton struck out today

Mr Justice Stadlen ruled that Kaschke’s lawsuit constituted an “abuse of process.” This is the second time Kaschke has had a libel case struck out this year. In May her case against fellow blogger David Osler also failed. Robert Dougans, who represented Osler, Gray and Hilton pro bono, said during the Osler court hearing that Kaschke had issued libel writs “like confetti”. All the actions relate to allegations over Kaschke’s past.

The German national was arrested in West Germany in the 1970’s over alleged links with terrorist groups. She has never been convicted of any related offence. Justice Stalden said that neither Hilton nor Gray had “attempted to justify any suggestion that [Kaschke] was a terrorist.”

Although Mr Justice Stadlen denied her permission to appeal, Kaschke today confirmed that she will apply to the Court of Appeal.

She was ordered to make an interim costs payment of £10,000 to  Hilton and £250 to Gray.

Full judgment to follow.

Read background to the Gray and Hilton libel case here

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