Liberia: Journalist who reported on female genital mutilation forced into hiding
01 May 2012

Threats have forced Liberian journalist Mae Azango into hiding  after she reported on female genital mutilation (FGM). Azango, who is currently in the United States, faced a backlash after she wrote an article for leading independent daily newspaper FrontPage Africa titled Growing pains: Sande tradition of genital cutting threatens health of Liberian women. The piece forced Liberian officials to declare that the ritual should be stopped, people affiliated with the Sande secret women’s society — which performs FGM — have reportedly threatened the journalist with violence.

One response to “Liberia: Journalist who reported on female genital mutilation forced into hiding”

  1. Pravo Mae,

    I am one those who have spoken critically of female genital mutilation of late and in support of your work especially when you reported on this bad practice. Our people just fail to realise that this practice is not healthy for our young females. It is sadden to imagine the response from the Liberian government that claimed to subscribe to a new order of upholding and respecting human rights. I was recently criticized and threatened after I made public statements condemning the practice during several of our human rights presentations in few rural areas. This practice must stop. We will not stop speaking against it no matter the amount of threats. We are not condemning the practice of ‘bush school’ in Liberia but it’s now time to root out and remove those negatives practices that will negatively impact the younger generations of Liberia.

    Wriiten By:
    Teewon N. Dolopei
    National Director, Youth for Human Rights International – Liberia