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One year after murder of Khashoggi, NGOs renew call for justice

alt informationOne year after the death of Jamal Khashoggi, Index and other organisations call for the opening of a thorough, independent and effective criminal investigation into the murder of the journalist

Bahrain must suspend Nabeel Rajab’s sentence

alt informationNine international organisations have written a letter calling for Bahrain to suspend Nabeel Rajab's current sentence.

Iran: Satirical writer Kioomars Marzban is sentenced to 23 years in jail

alt informationKioomars Marzban, a 27-year-old satirical writer from Iran, was sentenced to 23 years and 3 months in prison. He was found guilty on five separate charges, given a two-year travel ban, and a two-year ban on publishing or using social media.

Laugh and the World Laughs with Me

alt informationLaugh and the World Laughs with Me is an intimate short story of a young woman who has a schizophrenic brother, set against the backdrop of the Tahrir Square demonstrations, from Egyptian writer Eman Abdelrahim.

Syrian photographer documents destruction by walking tightrope

alt informationHis absolute independence is what saved him in all the years that he stayed in Raqqa, even during the years that Isis was in charge

The people most at risk in Bahrain “are those who choose to freely express themselves”

alt informationIndex calls on the UK to stand up to the Bahrain government on human rights after police storm the London embassy to protect protester

Groups urge Amal Clooney to pressure UK to act on Bahrain’s abuse of freedom of expression

alt informationFifteen international organisations have written to Amal Clooney to urge she pressure the UK to act on Bahrain's human rights abuses.

في خط المواجهة: صحفيون عراقيون يتلقّون تدريبات على السلامة خلال ممارسة العمل الصحفي

alt informationيتعرض الصحفيون العراقيون للهجوم من جميع الجهات، ولهذا السبب، تم اطلاق سلسلة من برامج تدريبية حول السلامة خلال التغطية الصحفية في ساحات المعارك، ومكافحة التهديدات والأخطار اليومية في شوارع المدن. التقرير التالي من إعداد المدرّبة والصحفية لورا سيلفيا باتاليا

Enfrentarse a la primera línea

alt informationLos periodistas iraquíes están sometidos a ataques desde todos las direcciones. Una serie de programas de seguridad ofrece ahora entrenamiento para reporteros de guerra y periodistas que necesiten luchar contra las amenazas constantes y el peligro en el entorno urbano. Informa la formadora y periodista Laura Silvia Battaglia.