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Questions that Sunak should have asked Mohammad bin Salman at G20…(but probably didn’t)

alt informationAs we continue to mark the ongoing detention of University of Leeds PhD student Salma al-Shehab, we look at what could have been discussed at this morning's meeting

“We deserve more on freedom of expression”

alt informationFreedom of expression has dominated the news agenda this week but not in a good way, says Ruth Smeeth

World leaders will have “blood on their hands” if Alaa Abd El-Fattah dies

alt informationAttendees at COP27 need to raise the case of the British-Egyptian writer before it's too late, say the activist's sisters

Letter to UK Foreign Secretary on Salma al-Shehab

alt informationIndex and other human rights organisations call on Rt Hon James Cleverly to act in case of jailed Saudi national

Women pay ultimate price for Iran protests

alt informationAs the world marks the tenth International Day of the Girl, young Iranian women are risking everything to stand up for their rights

Too much news?

alt informationIt has been a busy week for news headlines. It is the role of Index is to make sure that the stories of dissidents are not ignored or forgotten

Iran shuts down internet after protests spiral over 22-year-old’s death

alt informationAccess to popular platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp has been stopped following the death of Mahsa Amini after her arrest by the country's morality police

“Imagine the conversation between Bolsonaro and Erdogan”

alt informationProtests during mourning for Queen Elizabeth have been distasteful but not illegal. How should we express our feelings about some of the guests attending Monday's state funeral?

Saudi Arabia is equating free online expression with terrorism

alt informationAs we mark 20 months since the arrest of Salma al-Shehab, Index calls for the country’s Specialized Criminal Court to be overhauled

Writers and free speech champions celebrate Salman Rushdie’s work

alt informationSupporters of the author read extracts of his work to show their support as he remains in hospital following horrific attack on 12 August

Saudi woman’s “death sentence” for using her voice

alt informationSalma al-Shehab, who was studying for a PhD at the University of Leeds, faces a 34-year sentence for supporting other Saudi women