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Bad history and bad politics

alt informationPadraig Reidy on why we must combat taboos about discussing events of the past

Dieudonne is a racist. And he has a right to free speech

alt informationIt's important to look ugly arguments in the eye, says Padraig Reidy

French genocide denial law is an insult to memory of Hrant Dink

Padraig Reidy: French genocide denial law is an insult to memory of Hrant Dink

Hrant Dink’s murderer sentenced to 22 years

The Turkish-Armenian editor’s assassin has been imprisoned, but questions about wider plot remain. Kaya Genç reports

Turkey’s media still pressing for freedom

On the anniversary of the death of Hrant Dink, David Judson reflects on the difficulties facing Turkey's journalists

Plus remembering Hrant Dink: “We will continue to build on his hopes and dreams” Turkey's free speech problems: A guide

‘Without free speech writers can have very little impact on culture’

In his speech at the European Writers' Parliament in Istanbul, Hari Kunzru raised the issue of Turkey's free speech violations

Kaya Genç: Hrant Dink, a misinterpreted peacemaker

Kaya Genç: Hrant Dink, a misinterpreted peacemaker

Turkey: Hrant Dink’s family to get compensation

The European Court of Human Rights ruled on 14 September that Turkey must pay compensation to the family of murdered journalist Hrant Dink. The court said the sum of 133,000 euros was awarded because the government failed to protect the Turkish-Armenian writer. The verdict highlighted the state’s lack of respect for freedom of expression, and […]

Hrant Dink trial reveals police failure to cooperate

The 14th hearing in the trial of the three men accused of murdering journalist Hrant Dink has revealed a lack of police cooperation and investigation. Reporters San Frontieres reports that various pieces of evidence for the trial had not been submitted by the investigating detectives, thus considerably holding up the trial’s progression. Missing evidence includes […]

Turkey: Journalist charged over court criticism

A newspaper columnist has been charged with “insulting a public official” after he criticised the Turkish justice system’s management of the investigation into journalist Hrant Dink‘s murder.  Daily News columnist Cengiz Cangar described the court as reckless and frivolous, and accused it of “forgetting to bring in the most crucial witness”, in a column entitled […]

Turkey: Dink murder journalist cleared

Turkish journalist, Nedim Şener has been acquitted following his prosecution for alleging police negligence in his book “The Dink Murder and the Intelligence Lies” with respect to the murder of Turkish-Armenian reporter Hrant Dink. Accused of a “violation of secrecy” for publishing confidential information, Şener faced a three year prison sentence if convicted. However, on […]

Turkey: Hrant Dink murder investigation reopened

The investigation into alleged police involvement in the assassination of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink is to be reopened. Dink was the editor of Agos, a bilingual newspaper which challenged the official Turkish version of the 1915 Armenian genocide, which holds that hundreds of thousands of Armenians perished because of hunger and suffering in World War One.  He was […]