CPS will not prosecute over killing of Terry Lloyd
30 Jul 08

The Crown Prosecution Service stated there is ‘insufficient evidence’ to prosecute any US soldier over the death of ITN journalist Terry Lloyd in Iraq. On 22 March 2003 Terry Lloyd was injured in crossfire between Iraqi troops and American tanks outside Basra. A civilian minibus taking the wounded reporter to hospital was fired upon by US forces, killing Lloyd and his translator Hussein Osman.

The body of his cameraman, Fred Nerac was never found. In 2006 a coroner ruled that Mr Lloyd was unlawfully killed by US troops and called for charges against them. However, a CPS spokesman said there was insufficient evidence for a successful prosecution. ‘I understand that this will be very upsetting news for the family and friends of Mr Lloyd but I can reassure them that every care was taken in pursuing lines of inquiry and reviewing the evidence,’ he added. Commenting on the decision, National Union of Journalists General Secretary, Jeremy Dear, said: ‘The CPS should be ashamed of itself for backing away from this issue so completely.’

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