PAST EVENT: How free should free speech be? The Orwell Prize
11 Mar 10

Sunday 21st March, 12pm, Christ Church Marquee, Oxford

George Orwell was a staunch proponent of freedom of all kinds, especially of speech and of the press. But  with criticisms of the media flourishing, preachers of hate making headlines, the anonymity of the internet, and journalists complaining about libel laws – how free is free speech, and what should the limits be?

Panelists include

  • Catherine Bennett (The Observer, shortlisted for the Orwell Prize for Journalism 2009)
  • John Kampfner (Chief executive director of Index on Censorship, author of Freedom for Sale)
  • Geoffrey Robertson QC (lawyer, broadcaster, author)

Chaired by Albert Scardino Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and former Orwell Prize judge.

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