Julian Assange to stay in custody as Sweden fights bail decision
14 Dec 2010

Wikileaks‘ founder Julian Assange was granted bail by a London court, but he will remain in custody until an appeal against the decision is heard. Assange is facing extradition to Sweden on sexual assault charges including one count of unlawful coercion, two counts of sexual molestation and one count of rape. He denies the charges.

Before he is freed Assange must pay a £200,000 security into the court, he will be electronically tagged and subject to a curfew from 10am-2pm and 10pm-2am.

Justice for Assange campaign protester outside the court hearing. Photograph: Nadia CosentinoIn court his barrister Geoffrey Robertson offered £240,000 in financial sureties from high-profile figures and the surrender of Assange’s passport.

Last week a London court refused to grant bail to Assange, in spite of pledges of financial surety from high-profile figures including socialite Jemima Khan, journalist John Pilger and film-maker Ken Loach.  District Judge Howard Riddle said he felt there was a substantial risk that Assange would flee the country.

Assange’s bail will be reviewed on 11 January, the extradition proceedings will be heard in February.

Assange will not be freed before the appeal is heard and the cash security is paid into the court, he will continue to be held at Wandsworth prison.

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3 responses to “Julian Assange to stay in custody as Sweden fights bail decision”

  1. Peter Koroly says:

    Shame on J. Assange for employing an extreme right wing figure

  2. Lynne Haywood says:

    Shame on Britain and Sweden for allowing the Yanks to keep pulling the strings!
    WikiLeaks is very embarrassing for the President, but shouldn’t he be arresting his security bods not Julian Assange?
    Surprised ‘they’ let Julian live so long. Expect he will be declared insane – as will the rest of us who support him!

  3. Peter Koroly says:

    Israel Is the Source of the Wikileaks Documents
    – Fouad Jamal Abd Al-Qader, Head of Egyptian National Program for Legislative Reforms: Israel Is the Source of the Wikileaks Documents
    Egyptian TV –
    December 6, 2010 – 00:01:28

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