Take action to end impunity: Misael Tamayo Hernández
10 Nov 2011

MURDERED 10 November 2006
Editor and Owner, “El Despertar de la Costa” — Ixtapa, Mexico 

Join us in demanding justice for Misael Tamayo Hernández. A security guard came across his naked body in a motel room in Zihuatanejo, a Pacific coastal resort town in the southern state of Guerrero on 10 November 2006. His body was found with his hands tied behind his back. Three small puncture marks on his arm suggested he may have been given a lethal injection. A preliminary autopsy concluded that he died from a massive heart attack.

The motive behind the murder is still unknown, but there are indications it may have been related to his family-run newspaper’s investigative reporting on organised crime, drug trafficking and local corruption. Colleagues and family members at the paper said Tamayo had received death threats a couple of months before his murder, but that he had not taken them seriously.

Take Action: Write a letter demanding justice for Misael Tamayo Hernández

International Day to End Impunity is on 23 November. Until that date,  we will reveal a story each day of a journalist, writer or free expression advocate who was killed in the line of duty.


2 responses to “Take action to end impunity: Misael Tamayo Hernández”

  1. Misael Tamayo H. was a respected and well-known member of our community. His articles on corruption at the paramunicipal water company known by its acronym CAPAZ are the most likely motive for his death. There was no credible investigation and the “responsible authorities” appear to prefer to ignore his murder out of convenience because the alleged acts of corruption are to this day still a common practice, and if one head rolls then many others will follow. People in the community of Zihuatanejo and the larger region of the Costa Grande in the state of Guerrero, Mexico are frustrated because we have no reliable justice system and an even less reliable police force to investigate this cowardly murder and place the evidence in the hands of the proper prosecutorial authority. From the state governor to the city mayor there has been no action or interest to see justice. Unfortunately Guerrero occupies the third place for corruption among the 32 states in Mexico. Citizens clamor for action but political parties, politicians and public servants feel no compulsion to change their old habits and do the right thing. We can only keep such demands alive and keep shedding light into the dark corners where corrupt public servants hide. They can’t kill us all, and they can’t ignore us forever.

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