Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat wins Arts Award
28 Mar 2012

Recognising artists, filmmakers and writers whose work asserts artistic freedom and battles against repression and injustice

Ali Ferzat

Accepting the award Ali Ferzat said:

Artists are an integral part of any popular revolt. Their work encourages people to participate and take part in the revolution. Artists come from among the people and express their hopes, dreams and struggles.

When an artist becomes the living conscience of his people, he assumes an immense responsibility: everyone looks up to him. The artist needs to keep a compass in his heart and mind to be faithful to his people’s needs. That compass is the affection people have for the artist and the fact they trust him to deliver their human and national message to the world.

For any artist, his compass should be the degree to which people accept and identify with his work, the extent to which he is considered their living conscience; a lamplighter who shines a light on love, humanity and freedom when times are dark and difficult.

Artists know they are following the correct track when the international community and organisations honour their work and acknowledge it, they know they are on the right path towards love, peace and freedom.

Click here to see the full shortlist for the Arts Award

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