Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng escapes house arrest
27 Apr 2012

Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng has reportedly fled to Beijing  after a year and a half under house arrest. Chen is one of China’s best-known human rights activist, famous for his campaign against forced abortions. The blind lawyer spent four years in prison on charges of disturbing public order before being confined to a house in the village of Dongshigu since September 2010. The village was heavily guarded by security officials, those attempting to reach Chen’s house were badly beaten. In a video allegedly filmed after Chen fled, he claims that both he and his family have been tortured by officials.

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  2. Senthil says:

    So, are you trniyg to tell us that China is not free, or ar you trniyg to say that these Chinese are using this chance to try to come to the U.S.?? Because, I am telling you, 99% of the Chinese has no idea of the true politics of the U.S., and they thought the U.S. IS most transparent!!

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