Greece: Another journalist arrested as crackdown continues
31 Oct 2012

Greek journalist Spiros Karatzaferis was arrested today (31 October) for after threatening to publish damaging allegations about the country’s struggling economy. Karatzaferis said he had obtained information from hacking collective Anonymous, allegedly containing classified documents and email exchanges relating to Greece’s financial bailout from international funders.

According to the Greek Reporer, Karatzaferis said authorities had used an old warrant relating to a libel case to arrest him.

His arrest comes just days after that of investigative journalist Kostas Vaxevanis for exposing alleged tax cheats, signalling a worrying attack on free speech in the country.

This post was edited for clarity at 16:52 GMT on 31/10/12

3 responses to “Greece: Another journalist arrested as crackdown continues”

  1. […] UPDATE: Since this article was published, journalist Spiros Karatzaferis was arrested on an outstanding charge after claiming he would publish classified documents relating to Greece’s financial bailout.  […]

  2. Marta Cooper says:

    Thanks for alerting us to this, we have amended the post above.

  3. I am stunned about this disinformation! He has been arrested on the basis of a warrant for the execution of an appeals court judgment sentencing him to a prison sentence for aggravated defamation commutable to a fine that he had refused to pay.