When polls go wrong: Al Jazeera Arabic edition
17 Jun 2013

Al Jazeera Arabic has posted an eyebrow-raising poll on their website, where they ask who has turned Syria’s revolution into a sectarian conflict. Voters can choose from two options: “Shia” and “Sunni.”



Special thanks to @Falasteeni for the link

3 responses to “When polls go wrong: Al Jazeera Arabic edition”

  1. Nasrallah says:

    Al Jazeera changed the original poll’s answer options after numerous complaints were filed against their poll. It is not photoshopped.

  2. Sara Yasin says:

    لقطة شاشة ، حبيبتي

  3. Ginger says:

    This has been photoshopped!Get someone who actually reads Arabic to translate the full original for you!! This is basic, and should have been checked before being published.

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