From the archive: In memory of Mandela
05 Dec 2013
(Image: Annette Kurylo/Wikimedia commons)

(Image: Annette Kurylo/Wikimedia Commons)

If Nelson Mandela’s legacy is summed up by one thing, it will be in symbolic moments, like the times when those “whites only” signs were torn down, no longer shouting that South Africa was a society where only its white people had opportunity, and aspiration, and when a reborn nation began its journey on a previously uncharted road to freedom.

At Index on Censorship we have collected significant articles from our archive that trace the history of the apartheid struggle, and some of the great writers who have commented, argued and analysed it for our magazine, including Nadine Gordimer and Albie Sachs.

Please browse them and remember the immense changes that Nelson Mandela helped make happen.



Rachael Jolley

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