Draw the Line: Creative bombshells – Can art or journalism ever be terrorism?

Courtesy of Rene-Gagnon

Can a piece of writing lead to someone detonating a bomb? Does art have the power to incite violent acts of terrorism? When does a piece of writing, or a painting, or a film cross the line from being art or journalism into an act of terrorism?

On June 23rd 2014, 3 journalists from the TV network Al Jazeera were sentenced to between 7 and 10 years in prison in Egypt on charges of terrorism for interviewing a named terrorist organisation. This sparked international outrage with many organisations condemning the arrests, but how do we define acts of terrorism? For this month’s Draw the Line event, Index on Censorship wants to know if you think creating something associated with terrorists can be terrorism?

We want to look at whether words or images can be weapons? Can a controversial article or artwork just be providing another side to the story? By suppressing works are we limiting free speech or protecting the public from incitements to hatred that could lead to violent acts of terrorism?

Join Index on Censorship for a lively debate where we will look at different cases of art and journalism being accused of terrorism and ask – where do you draw the line?

WHEN: Monday 4th August, 2.30pm
WHERE: Index on Censorship, 92-94 Tooley St, London, SE1 2TH
This event is FREE for under 25s, please RSVP here.

DRAW THE LINE is a new project for tomorrow’s leaders, artists, journalists and campaigners to get involved in fighting censorship: share your thoughts in the #IndexDrawtheLine discussion forum, take on the debate at our monthly events or contribute to our Young Writers / Artists programme. Tell us – where do you draw the line?

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