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New Index Youth Advisory Board announced

The second cohort of Index on Censorship’s Youth Advisory Board was announced today. The members will discuss topical freedom of expression events, participate in #IndexDrawtheLine debates and advise Index on youth issues. The new board will sit from December 2014 to May 2015. Index on Censorship Youth Advisory Board: Abishek Phadnis Abhishek recently completed a […]

Recap report: #IndexDrawTheLine at Lilian Baylis School

alt informationAhead of the UK general election, students discussed voting rights and free expression

#IndexDrawTheLine: Laws? When it comes to free speech, what are they good for?

alt informationMembers of our youth advisory board discuss the ways laws impact on free expression in their countries

Recap report: Index gets censored in Wigan

Index held a successful workshop with the north west contingent of the British Youth Council, despite the inability to access our own website because of internet filtering at the location. Index held a third Draw the Line workshop with the British Youth Council, but this time with its groups in the north west of England at their […]

Recap report: Draw the Line workshop with Ovalhouse Young Associates

alt informationIndex on Censorship held its latest Draw the Line workshop at Ovalhouse theatre in south London

30 Oct: We Are the Giant screening + discussion at BFI

alt informationA documentary featuring inspirational and gripping stories of six individuals who spoke their minds

Recap report: Index on Censorship at the north east British Youth Council Convention

alt informationIndex on Censorship visited the British Youth Council’s Convention for the north-east to hear what they thought about the key free speech issues of the moment. The two groups looked at our Draw the Line question for the month “Should the police do more to protect free speech?” and quickly realised that there was a delicate […]

Recap report: Draw the Line – The fuzz and free speech: Should the police do more?

For this month’s Draw the Line event, Index on Censorship held a workshop to discuss what role the police should play in encouraging or protecting freedom of expression. The debate kicked off asking if the police should have a role in protecting free speech at all. The group’s opinion varied with some thinking it was not […]

9 Oct: Draw the Line – The fuzz and free speech: Should the police do more?

alt informationThe police play an important part in civil society but how far should they go in protecting free speech? Join us on 9 Oct to debate about where to draw the line.

Recap Report: Draw the Line – Can art or journalism ever be terrorism?

For July’s Draw the Line event, Index hosted a workshop in our offices to debate the question, “Can art or journalism ever be terrorism?” This daunting question provoked some interesting answers, delving deeper into the subject matter the group began to question how do we define art, journalism and terrorism? What do we expect the role of artists […]

“Calling art terrorism is too simplistic”: Lewisham Young Advisers on #IndexDrawtheLine

Index on Censorship was invited to join a meeting of the Lewisham Young Advisers to talk about our Draw the Line programme and discuss “Can art or journalism ever be terrorism?” and how the right to free speech affects every area of our lives. The group dove straight into discussions of how, as a society, we […]

Draw the Line: Creative bombshells – Can art or journalism ever be terrorism?

alt informationCan a piece of writing lead to someone detonating a bomb? Does art have the power to incite violent acts of terrorism? When does a piece of writing, or a painting, or a film cross the line from being art or journalism into an act of terrorism? On June 23rd 2014, 3 journalists from the […]