9 Oct: Draw the Line – The fuzz and free speech: Should the police do more?

Author: Minnesota Historical Society

**UPDATE 02/10/14: Index will be joined by the Schools Officer Pc for Southwark to discuss the police’s role in freedom of expression.**

The police play an important part in civil society but how far should they go in protecting free speech?

The recent protests in Ferguson have received international attention as police and protesters continue to clash, but are the police just doing their job and keeping the peace? This situation has been replicated all over the world as police and public battle over civil liberties both in the streets and online, but we want to know – what do you think?

For this month’s Draw the Line event, Index on Censorship wants to know if you think the police should do more to protect our right to free speech?

Join Index on Censorship and industry professionals as we debate, discuss and explore what role do you think the police should play in protecting our right to free speech and where do you draw the line?

WHEN: Thursday 9th October, 6pm

WHERE: Index on Censorship, 92-94 Tooley St, London, SE1 2TH

TICKETS: This event is FREE for under 25s but please RSVP here.

If you need any more information please contact Fiona Bradley on [email protected]


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