Banning Donald Trump won't change hateful views
09 Dec 2015

Index on Censorship opposes the proposal to ban Donald Trump from entering the UK.

“Donald Trump should not be banned from entering the UK. The best way to tackle views with which you disagree, including bigoted ones, is to allow discussion about them to take place so they can be openly countered. If you feel people’s arguments are hateful then the best way to expose that is in debate. Banning people just adds to their status and often increases their profile, and makes the arguments more popular. It does nothing to eradicate those views,” Index CEO Jodie Ginsberg said.

One response to “Banning Donald Trump won’t change hateful views”

  1. I have to disagree, Jodie. First of all, the title is a straw man. The petition to get Donald Trump barred from entering the UK will not see him barred. The Home Secretary can (and should) easily duck this. It can only result in a debate in Parliament, precisely the sort of thing you suggest should happen. What better stage for such a discussion than the floor of the legislative chamber of America’s most important ally? The number of signatures on the petition is extraordinary and still climbing. That sends a message as well. The message is that America’s greatest ally has a strong negative feeling about the prospect of this man becoming President. The message to Muslims is that we do not agree with subjecting their entire faithful populace to ill treatment. I signed the petition even though I’d rather not see him barred. I would like to see it debated. That will be interesting in and of itself.