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19 Mar 2016

zaina4While journalists and citizens fled, Syrian-native Zaina Erhaim returned to her war-ravaged country and the city of Aleppo in 2013 to ensure those remaining were not forgotten. She is now one of the few female journalists braving the twin threat of violence from both ISIS and the president, Bashar al-Assad.

Erhaim has trained hundreds of journalists, many of them women, and set up independent media outlets to deliver news from one of the world’s most dangerous places. In 2015 Erhaim filmed a groundbreaking documentary, Syria’s Rebellious Women, to tell the stories of women who are helping her country survive its darkest hour.

“In 10 years time, I want a young woman who looks on the internet to find out what happened in Syria to find evidence of the roles women played.” — Zaina Erhaim

No one should have to live like this simply for being a journalist

We write to you as former winners of the Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Award for journalism – and as exiles from our homes. All three of us have been forced into exile because of our work as journalists: in Saudi Arabia, Syria and the Maldives respectively. All three of us in the past three years. No one wants […]

No one should have to live like this simply for being a journalist

Three former winners of the Freedom of Expression Journalism Award have written a letter in support of Index on Censorship’s media freedom month, which aims to raise £15,000 to support its work on media freedom over the next six months.

#IndexAwards2018: “How Do You Report From a Hostile Environment When That Environment is Home?”

The Freedom of Expression Awards Curtainraiser

Zaina Erhaim: “No one is left in Aleppo”

The Index-award winning journalist Zaina Erhaim was due to travel to the USA this month along with three other Syrian women to screen their documentary series, Syria’s Rebellious Women

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