Category : Fellowship 2016

Chinese censorship circumventors GreatFire launch funding campaign

alt informationDigital activism group GreatFire launch crowdfunding campaign to fight China's approach to internet censorship.

Bolo Bhi: Still much work to be done to oppose Pakistan’s Cyber Crimes Bill

alt informationBolo Bhi has been opposed to PECA from the beginning because of its potential human rights violations and threats to the right to privacy and freedom of expression

Zaina Erhaim: “No one is left in Aleppo”

alt informationThe Index-award winning journalist Zaina Erhaim was due to travel to the USA this month along with three other Syrian women to screen their documentary series, Syria’s Rebellious Women

GreatFire: Chinese authorities don’t understand how the internet works

alt informationDigital activism group GreatFire talk about developments in China's approach to internet censorship.

Murad Subay: Yemen’s war makes a month feel like a year

alt informationThe Index award winner talks about the war in Yemen, president Trump's travel ban his involvement in a prize for aspiring artists from around the world

Arts 2016

alt informationWinner of the 2016 Freedom of Expression Arts Award, artist Murad Subay uses his country’s streets as a canvas to protest Yemen’s war, institutionalised corruption and forced “disappearings”.

Syrian journalist says UK is dealing with Assad as “a president, not a criminal”

alt informationJournalist Zaina Erhaim says the Syrian government wants her killed and that co-operating with Syrian officials, by seizing her passport, was a very dangerous thing for the UK to have done.

How are women journalists shaping war reporting today?

alt informationOn 24 September Index’s CEO, Jodie Ginsberg, gathered with former BBC chief news correspondent Kate Adie and 2016 Index award-winning journalist Zaina Erhaim

Bolo Bhi will continue to fight Pakistan’s cyber crimes law

alt informationBolo Bhi is continuing its fight against Pakistan's recently enacted cyber crimes bill.

GreatFire: Tear down China’s Great Firewall

alt informationIn April 2016 the US government called China’a Great Firewall a barrier to trade. It came in the months following the US criticising China over its cyber spying on American

Groups condemn the confiscation of Syrian journalist’s passport by UK officials

alt informationWe condemn the decision of UK border officials to confiscate the passport of Syrian journalist, Zaina Erhaim, at the request of Syrian authorities.

Smockey: “We would like to trust the justice of our country”

alt informationBurkinabe rapper and activist with Le Balai Citoyen, Smockey, became the inaugural Music in Exile Fellow at the Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards in April 2016.