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07 Nov 2016

muradsubayWinner of the 2016 Freedom of Expression Arts Award, artist Murad Subay uses his country’s streets as a canvas to protest Yemen’s war, institutionalised corruption and forced “disappearings”.

Since beginning a street art protest in 2011 Subay has launched five campaigns to promote peace and encourage discussion of sensitive political issues. All his painting is done in public during the day and he encourages fellow Yemenis to get involved. Subay has often been targeted by the authorities, painting over his works or restricting him from painting further.

“I found that the soul of the Yemeni people was broken because of war… I found that the buildings and the streets were full of bullets, full of damage. So I went on Facebook and said I would go on to the streets to paint the next day and I did.” — Murad Subay


The street artist capturing the impact of the war in Yemen (The Economist, 19 August 2019)

Frequent visitors to the skatepark on London’s South Bank may have noticed two new works of art among the decades-old graffiti. Both spray-painted in black and white, one image depicts a naked and emaciated mother clutching a newborn; another shows a starving boy, his hair on end, listlessly picking at his hands. Entitled “Hollowed Mother” […]

Index on Censorship calls on French authorities to reverse decision on visa for artist

We ask French authorities to reverse this decision and allow Murad, an Index fellow, to study

Meet Yemen’s street artist: ‘We want peace’ (Middle East Eye, 15 January 2018)

Murad Subay sees the devastated streets and bombed buildings in Yemen’s war as something more than just ruins: he sees canvases onto which he can tell stories through art. The award-winning 30-year-old street artist’s aim is to spread a message of peace during Yemen’s current crisis – and his work is having a major impact […]

BBC Newshour presenter and CEO of Serpentine Galleries to judge international freedom of expression awards

Index on Censorship is proud to announce that long-time BBC reporter Razia Iqbal and CEO of the world famous Serpentine Galleries Yana Peel will join a panel of judges to decide the 2018 Freedom of Expression Awards Fellowship winners.

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