Tech companies' data-sharing agreement presents threat to free expression
06 Dec 2016

Index on Censorship is deeply concerned about plans outlined by technology companies to share information about, and collectively remove, extremist content.

Index believes the data-sharing agreement presents a threat to free expression because of its potential to amplify problems already inherent in the removal of extremist content.

“These include the difficulty of defining precisely what constitutes extremist content, the often erratic, opaque and inequitable application of community standards, and the lack of easy recourse for those whose content is unfairly removed,” said Jodie Ginsberg, CEO of Index on Censorship.

Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft have said they will work together to identify and remove extremist content on their platforms through an information-sharing initiative.

The companies are to create a shared database of unique digital fingerprints – known as “hashes” – for images and videos that promote terrorism.

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