Protester arrested during demonstration at Bahrain Embassy in London
14 Jun 2017

Protesters joined Index on Censorship and others at the Bahraini embassy in London on Tuesday to stand in solidarity for the release of Bahraini human rights activist Nabeel Rajab.

One protester, Sayed Ahmed Alwadaei, director of advocacy at the Bahrain Institute for Human Rights and Democracy, stepped onto the embassy’s steps to hold a poster of Rajab’s face by the embassy’s door. Alwadaei was arrested a few minutes later and taken away in a police car.

Police told Index Alwadaei “overstepped the mark of peaceful protest and trespassed diplomatic premises”. He was taken to jail where he spent the night.

Alwadaei was released on Wednesday morning without charge.

Police cars arrived outside the Embassy of Bahrain during protest and later arrested a protester, Sayed Ahmed Alwadaei.

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