Podcast: Saving history and the truth about Cleopatra
06 Apr 2018

The spring 2018 issue of Index on Censorship magazine takes a special look at the abuse of history and how governments and powers alike are manipulating the past across the globe.

In this podcast, we speak with historian Rana Mitter about China’s current historical narrative, broadcaster and historian Bettany Hughes about how memory affects history and giving Cleopatra her dues, as well Omar Mohammed, the man behind Mosul Eye, about the dangers of recording history under Isis.

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The Abuse of History

The spring 2018 issue of Index on Censorship magazine takes a special look at how governments and other powers across the globe are manipulating history for their own ends

With: Simon Callow, David Anderson, Omar Mohammed 


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One response to “Podcast: Saving history and the truth about Cleopatra”

  1. Judith Vidal-Hall says:

    Haven’t read it yet, but what a fantastic and important subject. One that people look at too seldom.
    History can have a long fuse: it fizzes away under ground, gently with no sign nor spark, but will suddenly flare up, taking people by surprise and, in some cases, significantly influencing events many decades — even centuries — ago. Some recent examples? The influence of ’empire’ and the past of ‘Great’ Britain in influencing the recent EU referendum. The legacy of slavery that still guides US policy on attitudes to and treatment of Black Afro-Americans. And so many more. Add your own…