This Week at Index: Freedom of expression is under threat, and we need your help defending it
18 Oct 2019

Friday 18 October 2019
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Freedom of expression is under threat
- and we need your help defending it

Watch a video of the 2019 Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards #IndexAwards2019

Next year, Index on Censorship celebrates 20 years of our Freedom of Expression Awards. To mark the occasion we are launching a major new campaign aimed at funding our work for the decades to come.

These are challenging times for freedom of expression. Authorities from Hong Kong to London to Caracas are cracking down on public protest; journalists are targeted from Malta to Mexico for their work exposing corruption and abuses of power; and voices silenced online.

We are facing more demands for our assistance and expertise than ever before and we urgently need more funding to meet that need.

You can be part of the fight to defend free speech by supporting the awards - and sponsor a seat in honour of a free speech hero. You can nominate your own or you can choose from the list of 200+ groups and individuals selected by Index.

The awards shine a spotlight on individuals and groups daring to speak out in the most challenging of circumstances but who often go unnoticed and unrecognised beyond their communities. As fellows, Index works to support and amplify their work, offering training, advice and access to a wider community of supporters: Supporters like you.

Previous recipients of the prestigious awards include a women’s rights campaigner working on the Somali-Kenya border, a Honduran investigative journalist braving death threats, and a Yemeni street artist daring to highlight the effects of war. As societies grapple to communicate in an increasingly interconnected - yet increasingly polarised - world, your support will help us ensure censorship is never the solution.

Thank you,
Jodie Ginsberg
Chief Executive

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Index on Censorship defends people's freedom to express themselves without fear of harm or persecution. We publish censored writers and artists, monitor and campaign against censorship, and encourage debate.  

We rely on donations from readers and supporters. By donating to Index you help us to protect freedom of expression and to support those who are denied that right.
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