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Mapping attacks on media freedom during the coronavirus crisis

18 Mar 2020

In times of extraordinary crisis, governments often take the opportunity to roll back on personal freedoms and media freedom. The public’s right to know can be severely reduced with little democratic process. Index has tracked this history, and has many examples published in our archive which covers the years 1972 to today. Index is already being alerted to attacks and violations against the media in the current coronavirus related crisis, as well as other alarming news pertaining to privacy and freedoms.

We have grave concerns about this and we know that once these freedoms are eroded they are hard to get back. We therefore see raising awareness of any attacks at this time as of paramount importance. We have already written about what happened in China in the early stages of the outbreak in relation to reporting there.

We have created this monitoring map to track media violations during the coronavirus crisis. Click on a virus to see further details of each incident.

If you know of an attack on media freedom during this crisis, please use this form to report it.

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