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Mapping Media Freedom identifies threats, violations and limitations faced by members of the press throughout European Union member states, candidates for entry and neighbouring countries.

Media freedom is under threat worldwide. Journalists are threatened, jailed and even killed simply for doing their job.

Index on Censorship documents threats to media freedom in Europe via a unique monitoring project and campaigns against laws that stifle journalists’ work. We also publish an award-winning magazine featuring work by and about censored journalists. Learn more.

Project Exile: Zimbabwean broadcaster grapples with post-Mugabe era

alt information"The question is now, under the change of government, would I be welcome? I'm still being outspoken about what I think."

Project Exile: After hunger strike, Egyptian journalist in Qatar fears return

alt information“I face probably a life sentence or maybe even worse. The idea of not being able to go back to your own country…is just heartbreaking.”

First Amendment under threat?

alt informationExperts working on the security of journalists, press freedom and freedom of expression gather in London to discuss trends that are contributing to a decline in media freedom in the US, and what needs to happen to reverse the situation

For the sake of the public’s right to know, journalists must be granted access

alt informationFrom the beginning of 2017 until April 2017, 143 reports of blocked access, in which journalists were expelled from a location or prevented from speaking to a source, were submitted MMF

Turkish censors vs Netflix, series 1 episode 1

alt informationAll that is solid in the Turkish media melted into air over the past year, and much of the entertainment content have migrated from traditional platforms to streaming services like YouTube and Netflix.

Jodie Ginsberg: “We need a free, vibrant, independent and troublesome media”

alt informationIndex on Censorship CEO Jodie Ginsberg debated Evan Harris on Sky News on 9 May ahead of the UK’s House of Commons vote on amendments to the Data Protection Bill

Cypriot journalists targeted over leaked emails

alt informationJournalists’ organisations and international bodies have expressed concern over freedom of the press in Cyprus following revelations that police have questioned journalists about leaked emails

Amendments to Data Protection Bill put free press in jeopardy

alt informationIndex on Censorship believes we are in grave danger of ushering in one protection only to eliminate another: in this case, the protections afforded to and by a free press.

EU proposal on funding must include media freedom

alt information"A free media is essential for holding state authorities, including their legal system, accountable."

Are Serbia’s tax inspections being used as a tool to curb the press?

alt information“It’s difficult for me to believe that the motives behind so many frequent and intense inspections are anything but political”

Jimmy Wales: Fake news “a quantum leap we should be very concerned about”

alt information“The advertising-only business model has been incredibly destructive for journalism,” said Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales at a Westminster Media Forum event on “fake news”

British MP condemns chilling libel cases faced by Daphne Caruana Galizia’s family

alt informationMaltese libel laws are having an incredibly chilling effect on journalism and free speech, said British MP Tom Brake at a parliamentary meeting.