Writers and free speech champions celebrate Salman Rushdie’s work
Supporters of the author read extracts of his work to show their support as he remains in hospital following horrific attack on 12 August
26 Aug 22

Salman Rushdie no Fronteiras do Pensamento Porto Alegre 2014

In support of Salman Rushdie, Index on Censorship, English PEN, Article 19, and Humanists UK have invited writers and free speech champions to read excerpts from Rushdie’s writing. Through these videos we invite you to explore Rushdie’s work. We also encourage you to reflect on the significant risks writers across the world face.

On 12 August 2022, novelist Salman Rushdie was stabbed on stage as he was preparing to give a lecture at Chautauqua Institution in New York. The attack has been a shocking reminder of what censorship looks like in practice.

Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa against Rushdie in 1989 following the publication of his novel The Satanic Verses.  Rushdie has survived several assassination attempts and death threats. Despite the persistent intimidation, Rushdie continues to write, and he is an outspoken defender of freedom of expression.

You can read and share your own messages of support for Salman Rushdie here.