Censored Memories | Lyrics performed by Yinfi
Songs performed at an event to mark the 35th anniversary of the Tiananmen protests
27 May 24

In recalling the events and protests of 1989 and the pro-democracy movements in China through memorabilia and artworks, Censored Memories aims to keep the memories alive. In reminding ourselves of these pivotal moments of history, we affirm our commitment to safeguarding the right to remember and to resisting the forces that seek to obliterate them.

The exhibition will launch on 29 May with an evening of discussion and music from Yinfi (因非), a London-based music producer, vocalist, and screen music composer from China. Yinfi has been creating music advocating for civil liberties suppressed by authorities in Hong Kong and Beijing after he came to the UK to study in 2018. His advocacy has resulted in ostracism within the screen music industry, both in China and internationally, and triggered various forms of transnational repression by Chinese authorities, convincing him that returning to his homeland would jeopardise his safety. Despite these intimidations, Yinfi remains steadfast in his belief that singing songs for human rights louder is the best way to counter the fear imposed by Chinese authorities and protect artistic freedom. 

The songs Yinfi will perform on the night are reproduced below.


(香港組合達明一派為六四事件三十週年所創作的粵語歌。曲:劉以達; 詞:林夕)

舊日或問天 怎允許摧毀信念  浩蕩像為了 被懷念
現在別問他 可有膽公開紀念  被現實騎劫 怎怨天

如燭光都有罪 將暗黑多幾十年  如傷疤都有靈 未變臉
回憶即使有罪 真相怎麼敢無言  歷史假使有人 定被發現

現在若問他 可悔當天走太前  道路腐壞了 不敢涉險
現在若問我 怎會這麼想紀念  烈焰幻滅過 總有煙

如燭光都有罪 將暗黑多幾十年  如傷疤都有靈 未變臉
回憶即使有罪 真相怎麼敢無言  歷史假使有人 定被發現

皇天不必答辯 只怕蒼生肯忘言  后土不知冷熱 生滅無念
歷史只懂向前 輾轉反側三十年  如今滄桑少年 莫問蒼天

若舉傘 為誰命運祭奠  廣場上 這麼多告別
莫須有 是誰造就壯烈  願廣場上 聲音不會滅


Memory Is A Crime

(A Cantonese song by Anthony Wong written for the 30th anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Protests. Composer: Tats Lau. Lyricist: Albert Leung)

In the days of yore, perhaps one would ask the heavens, How could they allow the destruction of beliefs, as cherished as they are vast? But now, don't bother asking, if there's the courage to openly commemorate. Plundered by reality, how can one blame the heavens?

If even candlelight is deemed sinful, darkness will linger for decades more. If scars possess spirits, they remain unchanged. Even if memories are deemed sinful, how dare truth remain silent? If history hides someone, they will surely be discovered.

Now, if one were to ask them, would they regret marching too far ahead in the parade? They would say the path has decayed, and danger is feared. Now, if one were to ask me, why I wish to commemorate, I would say even if flames have flickered out, there will always be smoke.

If even candlelight is deemed sinful, darkness will linger for decades more, If scars possess spirits, they remain unchanged. Even if memories are deemed sinful, how dare truth remain silent? If history hides someone, they will surely be discovered.

The heavens need not defend themselves, only fear that people will forget their words. The earth knows not of warmth or cold, existing without thoughts. History only moves forward, giving people insomnia for thirty years. Now, the world-weary youth, don't ask the heavens.

If one raises an umbrella, for whose fate do they mourn? In the square, so many farewells, With the burden of guilt, who crafted such sacrifice? May the voices in the square never go unheard.

It’s My Duty


我們是廣場上的遺孤  我們是野火後的新芽 
我們沉入長江底  我們被埋在動車下


我們是失去家園的香港人  我們是失去至愛的藏人 
我們是最後一代軟肋  我們是失去自由的維吾爾人

我們是劉曉波 我們是伊力哈木 我們是丁家喜 我們是編程隨想
我們是李翹楚 我們是黃雪琴 我們是許志永 我們是王建兵
我們是黎智英 我們是黃之鋒 我們是何桂藍 我們是鄒幸彤
我們是張展 我們是高智晟 我們是李文亮 我們是彭載舟

我們 曾站到坦克前我們 也曾站到四通橋上我們 今天接續著自由的微光我們 明天帶著它回到北方的廣場

It's my duty    It's still my duty     It's my duty    It's still my duty

It’s My Duty

(My original Mandarin song dedicated to the memories and human rights defenders’ names erased by Chinese authorities. The lyrics are adapted from a young Chinese student's speech during the White Paper Movement, representing the younger generation’s tribute to the 1989 Tiananmen demonstrations.)

We are the abandoned ones in the square
We are sprouts regrowing after wildfire
We sink into the Yangtze river   We are buried under the Harmony trains

We are frenemies on the bus in Guizhou
We are troublemakers in the Urumqi fire
We are the low-end ones wandering in the prosperity
We are foreign forces shouting in dark cells

We are Hong Kongers deprived of homes
We are Tibetans deprived of loved ones
We are the last generation    We are Uyghurs deprived of freedom

We are Liu Xiaobo    We are Ilham Tohti   We are Ding Jiaxi    We are Program Think   We are Li Qiaochu    We are Huang Xueqin   We are Xu Zhiyong    We are Wang Jianbing   We are Jimmy Lai    We are Joshua Wong   We are Gwyneth Ho   We are Chow Hang-tung   We are Zhang Zhan   We are Gao Zhisheng   We are Li Wenliang   We are Peng Lifa

We once stood in front of tanks   We once became the Bridge Man
We keep the glimmer of freedom today
We'll take it back to the northern square tomorrow

It's my duty    It's still my duty      It's my duty    It's still my duty


(根據諾貝爾和平獎得主劉曉波的一首詩作曲,寫給天安門母親的歌。曲:Yinfi  詞:劉曉波)

逃避自由的人活著 靈魂卻死於恐懼中
渴望自由的人死去 亡靈卻活在反抗中
突然撕裂的思想 看不見疤痕的傷口

壓抑太久的聲音 講述墳墓的故事
傷痕累累的燭火 洞徹靈魂的荒蕪

亡靈的目光 凝視著母親
母親的目光 逼視每一個春天
讓影子嘆息 讓石頭飛翔

Vows to June

(My original Mandarin song, using a poem by the Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo as lyrics, dedicated to Tiananmen Mothers. Composer: Yinfi, Lyricist: Liu Xiaobo)

Those who flee from freedom survive, Their souls languish in fear.
Those who yearn for freedom perish, Their souls ablaze with defiance.
Thoughts torn asunder, leaving scars unseen.

A voice silenced for far too long, Speaks the tale of the grave.
Candles wounded by time's cruel hand, Illuminate the desolation of souls in fear.

Eyes of freedom's souls meet those of mothers.
Mothers' gaze unwavering, resolute,
Flows with each passing spring.
Mothers' vows to June,
Let the shadows sigh,
And let the stones fly.

Your Unknown Place

Tahir Hamut Izgil (translated by Joshua Freeman)

Here people’s names were not contagious,

we said they were, it came to be.

There was no sand here growing roots,

we said there was, it came to be.

Here time did not drip from the walls,

we said it did, it came to be.

Here loneliness did not multiply,

we said it did, it came to be.

Here a thousand eyes did not fleck the skies,

we said they did, it came to be.

Here there were no fugitive forgettings,

we said there were, it came to be.

Yet our words could undo nothing here,

even the things we brought to be.

February 2016, Ürümchi


(由2019年香港反送中運動參與者創作並廣為傳唱的抗爭歌曲。詞/曲:Thomas dgx yhl,眾連登網民)

何以 這土地 淚再流
何以 令眾人 亦憤恨
昂首 拒默沉 吶喊聲 響透
盼自由 歸於 這裡

何以 這恐懼 抹不走
何以 為信念 從沒退後
何解 血在流 但邁進聲 響透
建自由 光輝 香港

在晚星 墜落 徬徨午夜
迷霧裡 最遠處吹來 號角聲
捍自由 來齊集這裡 來全力抗對
勇氣 智慧 也永不滅

黎明來到 要光復 這香港
同行兒女 為正義 時代革命
祈求 民主與自由 萬世都不朽

Glory To Hong Kong

(The symbolic anthem of the 2019 Hong Kong pro-democracy movements written by dgx and many other participants.)

We pledge: No more tears on our land,
In wrath, doubts dispell’d we make our stand.
Arise! Ye who would not be slaves again:
For Hong Kong, may Freedom reign!

Though deep is the dread that lies ahead,
Yet still, with our faith, on we tread.
We keep our heads up, our voices strong
For Hong Kong, may Glory reign!

Stars may fade, as darkness fills the air,
Through the mist a solitary trumpet flares:
Stand with us! For Freedom we fight, with all might we strike!
With valour, wisdom both, we stride!'

Break now the dawn, liberate our Hong Kong,
In common breath: Revolution of our times!
May people reign, proud and free, now and evermore,
Glory be to thee, Hong Kong!