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Two countries, one system: why we must drop the pretence

alt informationThe arrest of more than 50 people involved in last year's pro-democracy primaries means no-one in Hong Kong is safe, write Mark Frary and Benjamin Lynch

“Anxiety has always been part of Hong Kong’s handover story”

alt informationA new book on Hong Kong published this November called Making Hong Kong China: The Rollback of Human Rights and the Rule of Law by Michael C. Davis provides much needed insight and background into the current crackdown on rights in the city. We publish extracts from the book

Academic freedom in Hong Kong: “It’s a storm and no one wants to go outside, even with an umbrella”

alt informationAcademics are losing tenure and teachers are being fired as China's national security law bites

Index condemns continued erosion of human rights in Hong Kong

alt informationIndex condemn the escalation of attacks on basic freedoms in Hong Kong