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Joy Hyvarinen: The internet shouldn’t become a place just for pre-approved opinions

alt informationUnder pressure to be seen to be doing something, the UK government has rushed out the proposals in the online harms white paper without thinking through the consequences.

Jeremy Hunt’s sudden enthusiasm for media freedom is welcome – but the UK should look at its own track record first (Independent, 2 May 2019)

alt informationWith press freedom and journalists under attack all over the world, foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt’s decision to make global media freedom his priority in 2019 is welcome and much-needed. In a PR-friendly move as part of the UK and Canada’s international media freedom conference in London this July, Hunt recently appointed international human rights lawyer […]

Slapp: Shadowy legal actions are being used to silence the media

alt informationJournalists who dare to investigate powerful people or companies are facing increasingly expensive legal threats to stop them publishing