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Move to protect free speech on US campuses raises concerns

alt informationWhen conservative Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson was invited to deliver the distinguished Roy H Park Lecture at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s journalism school, outrage erupted over the choice.

Turkey “turned into a place where it became impossible to breathe”

alt information“It turned into a place where it became impossible to breathe,” says feminist visual artist Özgül Arslan about Turkey.

Five myths about contraception and pregnancy laid bare

alt informationSex and pregnancy continue to be taboo subjects around the world as a special report in Index on Censorship magazine shows

No impunity: Who killed journalist Pavel Shemeret?

alt informationBefore his death, Pavel Sheremet was one of Ukraine’s leading investigative journalists. He most notably investigated government corruption and border smuggling in his native Belarus, leading to his arrest in 1997 but winning him CPJ’s International Press Freedom Award in the process. He was detained, harassed and arrested because of his work. Then, in 2016, he was assassinated. And Ukrainian authorities still have not uncovered who’s to blame.

Artist in Exile: Khaled Harara’s music reflects Palestinian political reality

alt information“Music gives me a voice and the power to survive physically and mentally,” rapper Khaled Harara tells Index on Censorship.

Press freedom in Maldives: “I honestly think it is too soon for anyone to relax”

alt informationAfter five years the president of the Maldives may be on his way out -- but no one is celebrating yet.

How the publishing industry systemically silences voices from marginalised groups

alt informationWhen Sunny Singh was writing her last novel, “Hotel Arcadia,” featuring an Indian protagonist caught in a terrorist siege, she received a response from a publisher she didn’t expect: “We already have our female war correspondent novel of the year.” They didn’t need another one.