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Serbian journalists campaign for free media

alt informationAfter more than twenty years of investigative reporting, one of the most trusted weeklies in Serbia, Vranjske Novine, was forced to shut down.

The Netherlands: Journalists stand up against online sexual harassment

alt informationA petition urging advertisers to withdraw their ads from provocative right-wing blog GeenStijl, shook up The Netherlands last month.

Serbia: Media freedom worsening as Serbs take to the streets

alt informationA few days before the 2 April 2017 Serbian presidential elections, a picture was posted on Twitter that caused an unexpected storm

The Netherlands: Journalists face threats in heated Black Pete racism debate

alt informationJournalists and columnists in The Netherlands are dealing with threats when writing about the controversial black-faced children’s character Black Pete.

Kosovo: Violence, threats and impunity continue to plague the media

alt informationA series of attacks and death threats towards journalists and broadcasters has stirred unrest amongst journalists in Europe’s youngest country

Turkey’s media crackdown has reached the Netherlands

alt information Dutch journalists have been threatened in aftermath of Turkish coup attempt

Serbia: Journalists protest “government control” of public broadcaster

alt informationJournalists and citizens in Serbia’s northern city of Novi Sad are taking the streets after a wave of dismissals at the regional broadcaster Radio Television Vojvodina

Serbia: “Pro-regime” paper targets Crime and Corruption Reporting Network

alt informationMapping Media Freedom correspondent Mitra Nazar details an ongoing smear campaign aimed at discrediting investigative journalists and casting doubt on the corruption they uncover

The Netherlands: Journalists barred from public asylum debates

alt informationMapping Media Freedom correspondent Mitra Nazar explores the trend toward barring journalists from public debates about housing asylum seekers

Slovenia: How a neo-Nazi exposé almost landed a journalist in jail

alt informationMapping Media Freedom correspondent Mitra Nazar speaks to journalist Anuska Delic about the article that almost landed her in prison for three years

Serbia: Independent media increasingly targeted as spies

alt informationIn November, a Belgrade tabloid began targeting independent media outlets by labelling them as "foreign spies".

Kosovo: Advice line could help protect the rights of journalists

alt informationAs of October, journalists in Kosovo experiencing harassment or receiving threats can call a 24/7 helpline for support