Ramón Nse Esono Ebale: Drawing to create change in Equatorial Guinea

alt informationRamón Nse Esono Ebale draws out of a desire to create a world that is different from the one he can see with his eyes. It was that desire that led to his arrest and detention in September 2017.

Anti-social behaviour legislation allows for the arbitrary silencing of voices

alt informationDuring her time as director of the Manifesto Club, Josie Appleton has dealt with many Community Protection Notice and Public Space Protection Orders being served for non-criminal reasons

50 years after Theatres Act, censorship has evolved

alt informationMarking the 50th anniversary of the end of 300 years of theatre censorship, the Victoria and Albert Museum’s new exhibition explores how restrictions on expression have changed.

Playlist: Trouble in Paradise

alt informationA holiday-themed playlist to accompany the summer issue of Index on Censorship, which looks at trouble in paradise

Expression Uncensored: “It’s a bonus when you realise your music is helping someone live their life”

alt informationExpression Uncensored, which was hosted by Sonos, Index on Censorship and Gay Times Magazine, featured a panel of leading musicians from around the world to discuss queer music and censorship.