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Julia Farrington: Tackling self-censorship in the arts community

alt informationTo fully participate in society and to create art that calls power to account, the arts community needs to continue to identify, analyse and tackle the causes of self-censorship

Testing artistic freedom of expression in UK courts

alt informationThere are few recent legal cases involving freedom of artistic expression in the UK.

Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti on Behzti

The playwright Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti found herself in the eye of a storm that had profound effects on her personally and on theatre as a whole.

Charging for police protection of the arts

Policing is a core function of the state, and it has long been accepted that our taxes pay for police services. The role of the police naturally shifts with changes in culture and the law, but the current position is that the police, as a public authority, have an obligation to ensure law and order […]

Between art and exploitation

In the United States, Australia and Britain a handful of art museums and galleries have come under scrutiny for displaying photographs of children.

Julia Farrington: Pre-emptive censorship by the police is a clear infringement of civil liberties

alt informationIn 1972, Michael Scammell, first editor of Index on Censorship magazine wrote in the first edition - “Freedom of expression is not self-perpetuating, but needs to be maintained by the constant vigilance of those who care about it.” We obviously haven’t been very vigilant here in the UK

Index condemns removal of artwork from Passion for Freedom exhibition

alt informationWe need to do more to ensure that police work with venues to promote freedom of expression, not stifle it

The arts, the law and freedom of speech

Police involvement in the cancellation this week of a National Youth Theatre production highlights again the difficult legal challenges for arts organisations putting on contentious work. Can a new set of guidelines help?