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Turkish journalists facing unprecedented surge of physical assaults

alt informationIn Turkey, the government uses national security and terror legislation to censor journalists. Arrests, detentions and trials of media workers are frequent.

Turkey: Art in troubled times

alt informationAsena Günal, the program coordinator of Depo which is a center for arts and culture at Tophane, Istanbul, looks at how Turkey's art community has come under increasing pressure in the past year

International organisations condemn crackdown on freedom of expression in Turkey

alt informationAn international delegation of civil society organisations visited Istanbul to demonstrate solidarity with writers, journalists and media outlets in Turkey.

Turkey’s film festivals face a narrowing space for expression

alt informationThe Siyah Bant initiative, which carries out research on censorship of the arts in Turkey, has given much coverage to obstacles to freedom of expression in the cinematic field

Report: Pressure on media professionals and pluralism growing

alt informationPressure on Europe’s journalists as they do their jobs saw no let up during the fourth quarter of 2015, according to a survey of verified incidents of violations reported to Index on Censorship’s project Mapping Media Freedom.

Turkey: Increased pressure on journalists jeopardises public interest

alt informationEscalating pressure on media has significantly impacted journalists' ability to report on matters of public interest