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Risky business: Bookselling in Libya

alt informationThe dangers of selling "the wrong" kind of book in Libya are many and varied and yet one chain of bookshops is still open for business

Tim Hetherington’s Infidel exhibition opens in Liverpool

alt informationLiverpool John Moores University officially opened its Infidel exhibition, a display of photographs by Tim Hetherington, on Wednesday night. The Liverpool-born photojournalist, who died in Libya under mortar fire in 2011, took the photos during the year he spent embedded with the US Army in Afghanistan’s Korangal Valley while shooting his 2010 Oscar-nominated documentary Restrepo. […]

Libya’s revolution “will not stop until we have freedom”

alt informationAfter 42 years of political oppression in Libya, it was hoped that the apparatus of Gaddafi’s regime would be dismantled after he was swept from power. Vestiges of the despot's suffocating grip on free speech still remain, and are still being used to suppress political expression. Alastair Sloan reports

Three years after Arab Spring officials thwart digital dissent

alt informationThe “social media revolutions” once had tyrants fearing their imminent demise. Now Twitter users from Marrakech to Manama know — call for political reforms, joke about a sensitive topic, or expose government abuse and you could end up in jail. Adrian Shahbaz reports

Free speech in post-Gaddafi Libya

After the fall of dictator Muammar Gaddafi, Libya has seen a flourishing of new media outlets and NGOs. But two years on, the country still faces challenges to free expression, says Ghazi Gheblawi

Libya throws out law criminalising glorification of Muammar Gaddafi

Libya’s Supreme Court yesterday threw out a new law criminalising the glorification of ousted dictator Muammar Gaddafi or his supporters. The law was deemed to be “unconstitutional”, after a group of Libyan lawyers argued against the law for violating international law and the country’s interim constitutional covenant.

Freedom of speech in Libya under threat from new law

Kirsty Hughes: Freedom of speech in Libya under threat from new law

World Press Freedom Day 2012

The last year has seen tumultuous shifts for media freedom. But core problems still remain in the world's troublespots, says Padraig Reidy

Lindsey Hilsum on Libya opening up

Channel 4's Lindsey Hilsum on capturing the glorious moment when a repressive regime falls and people are able to tell their stories for the first time

Libya opens up

When a repressive regime falls, there is a glorious moment when people are able to tell their stories for the first time. I was lucky enough to hit that moment last year when researching my book Sandstorm; Libya in the Time of Revolution. For 42 years, Colonel Gaddafi’s Libya was pretty much closed to the […]

Libya: British journalists freed

Two British journalists who were arrested and accused of spying by a Libyan militia group have been released. Gareth Montgomery-Johnson and Nicholas Davies, who work for Iran’s state-owned Press TV were released on Sunday and cleared of all charges. The journalist’s were arrested on 23 February by a Misrata militia based in Tripoli in a direct challenge to the […]

Libya: British journalists accused of spying by militia group

Two British journalists have been accused of spying in Libya by a militia group who arrested them last month. Gareth Montgomery-Johnson, 36, and Nicholas Davies, 37, from Iran’s state-owned Press TV were arrested by the militia group in Tripoli on 23 February. In a late-night press conference, Dr Suleiman Fortia, a Misratan member of Libya’s ruling National Transitional Council showed what […]