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Will Obama keep Yemeni journalist in jail?

This week an order was for the release of imprisoned Yemeni journalist Abdul-Elah Haidar Shaye. But the last time this happened, Barack Obama stepped in and Shaye remained in jail. Will the reporter now walk free? Iona Craig reports

Yemen: Shaye commences hunger strike

The pardoned journalist has been imprisoned for one year at the request of the US administration. Iona Craig reports

Obama intervention puts Yemen reporter in jail

Journalist Abdul-Elah Haidar Shaye should have been released from prison as part of concessions to protesters in Yemen. But a phone call from the US president has kept him behind bars. Iona Craig reports

Yemen: Press freedom a distant hope

A Yemeni journalist accused of advising an Al-Qaeda cleric alleges he was kidnapped and tortured by the state. Iona Craig reports