Survey: Are ad-blockers killing the media?

In the summer 2016 issue of Index on Censorship magazine, Spiegel Online’s managing editor Matthias Streitz and Privacy International technologist Richard Tynan go head to head to debate the rise of ad-blockers.

Many publishers have voiced concern that this software – which allows users to block online adverts from their screens – is damaging their revenue streams.

“If you consume our content, you must allow us some means of monetisation,” said Streitz. While Tynan argued that online adverts pose a security risk and ad-blockers allow users to “retain control over who the communicate with, and [minimise] the amount of data companies collect on users’ online patterns”.

Streitz and Tynan explore all the pros and cons at great length in the latest issue, which you can order here, but in the meantime Index on Censorship would like your thoughts on the power of adblockers.

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