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DRC: Police arrested over death of human rights activist

Two policemen have been arrested, and the country’s most senior policeman suspended from duty, after the death of a human rights activist in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. “Voice of the Voiceless” campaigner Floribert Chebeya, whose body was discovered last week in a Kinshasa suburb, was last heard from shortly before attending a meeting […]

Congo: Human rights chief discovered dead

Floribert Chebeya, 47, the president of the human rights organisation La Voix des Sans-voix (Voice of the Voiceless) has been found dead in his car in Kinshasa. Despite a series of text messages and phone messages sent by the victim on the evening of his disappearance, local police remain undecided as to the cause of the […]

Radio journalist held in DRC

A radio broadcaster in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been arrested and questioned by intelligence agents for “broadcasting false information liable to threaten state security”. Mohamed Lukebana, head of programming at Radio Television Bangu (RTB), was held by government officials in Kimpese after his station reported that Angolan troops had occupied the Bas Congo […]