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Whistleblowers: The lifeblood of democracy

alt informationThe summer 2021 issue of Index on Censorship magazine looks at the critical role of whistleblowers

Habari RDC: Congo’s internet shutdown disrupted news outlets under the guise of tackling fake news

alt informationThe shutdown lasted for 20 days — from 31 December 2018 until 19 January 2019 — and had major implications for the country, except for select businesses

Habari RDC: The only thing certain about the upcoming Congolese election is uncertainty

alt informationThe Democratic Republic of Congo will go to the polls on 23 December to elect a successor to incumbent president Joseph Kabila, who has been in power since January 2001 when he inherited the position from his assassinated father

#IndexAwards2018: Habari RDC merges young political minds to fight injustice online

alt informationThese bloggers and web activists give a voice to the opinions young people in the Democratic Republic of Congo

DRC: Television station attacked, programme host in hiding

A private television station in the Democratic Republic of Congo was stormed by unidentified men yesterday morning. Radio Télévision Kindu Maniema (RTKM) who broadcast from the capital of Maniema province was attacked by a group of men, who set fire to the station’s satellite antenna, and damaged the station’s offices. Programme presenter Mira Dipenge went into hiding five days ago, […]

DRC: Further blows to press freedom, despite new regulation body

Two privately owned Congolese newspapers were suspended on 5 January. The order for suspension came from the director of the provincial media authority of Orientale, on the grounds that the Kisangani based Journal de la paix and Kisangani News violated a 1996 law establishing the “conditions for the operation of a free press in the DRC.” According […]

DRC: Radio broadcasts shut down

A French government-funded radio station has been shut down by authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Council of Ministers had ordered the “temporary” measure of switching off the six frequencies of Radio France Internationale, following its coverage of the violent aftermath of the November 2011 presidential elections. The frequencies will be suspended until the Congolese Broadcasting […]

UK: Seven charged after Congo protest in London

Seven people arrested at a London demonstration over the election result in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been charged. One hundred and thirty-nine people were arrested during Saturday’s demonstration which began at Whitehall and spread to Trafalgar Square. 116 people remain in custody, whilst seven have been charged with various offences, including obstructing the highway, […]

DR Congo: TV station set ablaze

Studios of a private television station in Congo were set alight yesterday. Radio Lisanga Télévision studios in Kinshasa were allegedly set on fire by a group of men throwing tear gas, petrol bombs and incendiary grenades into the building. The station has aired programmes in favour of the opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi and it is […]

DR Congo: Radio station closed for reporting crime spree

Local authorities have shut down a community radio station, Radio du Peuple Oïcha, after callers to a phone-in show criticised the local security situation following a spate of murders and robberies in the area. On 3 February, a day after the phone-in broadcast, the deputy administrator of the area ordered the radio station’s closed until […]

DRC: Radio journalist charged with defamation

A Congolese journalist who was arrested on 7 October has been charged with defamation. Kasereka Taipa, who works for local radio station Moto Oicha, and also reports for radio Victoire Horizon, had accused the national intelligence agency (ANR) of levying a tax on anyone wanting to build a permanent structure. After being detained at ANR […]

Congo: Television and radio stations silenced for 48 hours

Three opposition radio and television stations were silenced for 48 hours on 26 July without a reason by a commando unit of five men in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The signals of Canal Congo Télévision (CCTV), Canal Kin Télévision (CKTV) and Radio Liberté Kinshasa (RALIK) were cut off. However no […]