The Egyptian approach to journalism


On Monday, three Al Jazeera journalists were sentenced in Egypt to 7 years imprisonment each, to the shock of media outlets and NGOs worldwide. Cartoonist Ben Jennings shares his take on journalism in the country.

Index strongly condemns the jailing of journalists for doing their job.

In light of the sentences, Michelle Betz writes about her own experience of being on trial in Egypt as part of an NGO, Shahira Amin looks at the blow to press freedom in Egypt the trial has had, while Casey Prottas attended the minute’s silence outside BBC Broadcasting House, held exactly 24 hours after the verdict was read.

Egypt: 10 presidential candidates disqualified

Ten of the nominees running for president in Egypt have been disqualified due to “legal irregularities”. Muslim Brotherhood candidate Khairat el-Shater and former Vice President Omar Suleiman are among those who have been barred from the election. A spokesman for el-Shater’s campaign called it a “political decision”. The head of Egypt’s executive election committee Hatem Bagato said Suleiman and el-Shater were disqualified because they have unresolved pardons for time in prison.