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Writers take a stand against Rushdie ban

As the noise surrounding Salman Rushdie's withdrawal from the Jaipur Literary Festival rumbles on, India's writers take a stand against the ban on The Satanic Verses. Salil Tripathi reports

Salman Rushdie pulls out of Indian literary festival amid assassination fears

Author Salman Rushdie has been forced out of the Jaipur Literary Festival, after receiving information suggesting hit-men had been ordered to assassinate him. Muslim leaders had been calling for Indian-born Rushdie to be banned from the festival. Rushdie’s 1988 novel, The Satanic Verses, which is inspired by the life of Muhammed, was perceived by Muslims to be […]

India must choose to defend free speech

As religious figureheads call to ban Salman Rushdie from a prestigious literature festival in India, Salil Tripathi reports on the country's "sepulchral silence"
UPDATE: Salman Rushdie pulls out of Indian festival amid assassination fears