Colombia: Rebels free French reporter

Colombian rebel group Farc has freed a French reporter, just over one month after they took him hostage. Roméo Langlois was kidnapped during a fire fight between the rebels and Colombia’s military forces on on 28 April, and has been held captive since. Langlois, a reporter for France24, had accompanied soldiers who were on a mission to destroy Farc cannabis farms whilst making a documentary on drug trafficking in the country. The journalist claimed his release was used as propaganda, but said he was treated well during his 33-day captivity.

Honduras: Radio journalist kidnapped

A senior radio journalist has been kidnapped in Honduras, outside the country’s capital Tegucigalpa. News presenter on HRN Radio Alfredo Villatoro was abducted on the way to his office on Wednesday morning. The journalist’s captors contacted his family, and it is believed they will seek a ransom. Three people have been arrested in connection with the kidnapping. The abduction comes three days after journalist and rights activist  Erick Martínez Ávila was found dead at a roadside.

Azerbaijani reporter kidnapped and beaten

Eminent opposition journalist Seymur Haziyev was abducted and beaten on Saturday night (26 March). He was attacked by six masked men and tortured for two hours. The contents of his laptop were scrutinised and his two telephones were taken from him. He claims that he was told to be “as intelligent and quiet as the others”. Mehman Aliyev, the head of news agency Turan, has remarked that: “When a society wakes up, the first in the firing line are the journalists”.

Brazilian police recapture journalist’s killer

Sao Paolo police have recaptured Wilson de Moraes da Silva, who was convicted of the murder of journalist Ivandel Godinho Junior. The reporter was kidnapped in 2003, and killed three days later. Silva had served three years of his 36 year sentence when he was transferred to a prison with restricted release privileges. He failed to return to the prison after his release for Father’s Day in 2008.