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Libel tourism: Blogger sued in the UK by Tanzanian media tycoon wins case

A blogger sued for libel by a Tanzanian media tycoon won her case today (30 November). At the High Court in London, Mr Justice Bean ruled in favour of  Sarah Hermitage, who used her Silverdale Farm blog to criticise Reginald Mengi, Executive Chairman of IPP Ltd — a company with significant media interests in Tanzania. Hermitage […]

Libel reform: politicians must deliver on promises

The UK government’s Defamation Bill goes to the House of Lords for its second reading debate today. Michael Harris explains why it's vital that the government acts to protect free speech International NGOs to UK government: Protect us, strengthen libel law reforms

UK: Former cricketer Chris Cairns sues in libel tourism case

A former New Zealand cricketer is suing a former Indian Premier League boss over a Twitter posting at the High Court today. Chris Cairns is taking action against Lalit Modi following a Tweet from January 2010 which alleged Cairns was involved in match fixing. The case is being heard in London, despite the the claim only 35 readers of the […]

UK: Russian tycoon sued for libel over talkshow fight

A Russian property developer who was punched during a talkshow, is suing for libel in England after his assailant, fellow Russian tycoon  Alexander Lebedev said he deserved the beating. Sergei Polonsky is suing Lebedev, owner of the Independent and London Evening Standard for defamation following their altercation in September. Lebedev told the BBC that Polonsky had insulted him for 90 […]

Britain: Billionaire battleground

A US-based billionaire is using English courts to force American online publishers to expose the identity of users. Judith Townend reports

Canada: Conrad Black cleared to sue for libel

Conrad Black has been given clearance to sue six former colleagues for libel in Canada. The defendants, who include Hollinger International Inc directors and a vice-president, are based in the US. But the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruled that the former press baron could sue them for libel in Ontario because he built his […]

US Congress passes libel tourism bill

The US Congress has approved a bill aimed at protecting US writers from libel tourists using English courts to pursue defamation claims. The SPEECH (Securing the Protection of our Enduring and Established Constitutional Heritage) Act now goes to President Obama to be signed into law. Watch Congressman Steve Cohen speak on the bill: httpv:// Read the text of the bill here

US Senate passes ‘libel tourism’ bill

The US senate last night passed legislation to protect US journalists, writers and publishers from “libel tourists" - litigants who sue Americans in foreign jurisdictions which place a lower emphasis on free speech Background: read Through the Looking Glass

United States: Senate committee approves libel tourism legislation

Yesterday (13 July), the Senate Judiciary Committee approved legislation to protect US journalists and publishers from “libel tourism”. The SPEECH (Securing the Protection of our Enduring and Established Constitutional Heritage) Act will now go before the full senate. The impetus for the bill follows a number of law suits instigated against American writers  in foreign courts in […]

A victory for libel reform

Jo Glanville: A victory for libel reform

Expert view: MPs’ report on press standards, privacy and libel

Alan Rusbridger, Camilla Wright, Emily Bell, Lord Lester QC and Charmian Gooch react to the press select committee's recommendations John Kampfner: MPs' report delivers a boost to libel reformers Jo Glanville: Backing for real press freedom

Unanimous backing for real freedom of the press

Aside from exposing the sins of News International, today’s MPs report boosts our campaign for libel reform, writes Jo Glanville This article was first published in the Independent. At the press conference launching the select committee’s report on press standards, privacy and libel, all that anyone wanted to talk about was the News of the […]