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Index Index – International free speech round up 01/02/13

Index Index - International free speech round up 01/02/13

Naomi Campbell case: Strasbourg rules “success fees” violate free expression

The European Court of Human Rights today unanimously ruled that the payment of success fees of up to 100 per cent in privacy and defamation cases, under CFA agreements, constitutes a violation of the right to free expression.

Campbell privacy measure raises concern

The barring of photographers from picturing the supermodel at the Hague highlights the clash between privacy and free expression. Simon Jennings reports

Strasbourg and sexual shenanigans: A search for clarity

Mr Justice Eady on the difficulty of balancing competing human rights and why no parliamentary draftsman could have dreamt up the facts of the Mosley case

This is legal blackmail

Britain’s libel laws are a malign force far beyond just celebrity journalism. Radical reform is overdue, writes Jo Glanville

Private lives

Privacy cases in the UK continue to pose a significant challenge to press freedom, says Gavin Millar