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What?!? Now we're not even allowed to link to the Olympics website?

Padraig Reidy: What?!? Now we're not even allowed to link to the Olympics website?

In a league of its own

As sports stories grab the headlines in the run up to the Olympics, Martin Polley explores the human rights issues surrounding sporting events

UK: receives police warning for Facebook joke about Olympic flame

A woman who joked on Facebook that she planned to squirt the Olympic flame with a water pistol has been issued with a warning by police. Helen Perry posted the joke on a local newspaper page, and was contacted by the police several weeks later. In the post, Perry added that she would block the route through […]

The 2012 Olympic: Big Brother comes to town?

London’s 2012 Olympic Games have already been entangled in one censorship controversy. But measures that will be in force during the game themselves pose a far greater threat to free expression, says Aileen McColgan

London: gagging for gold!

According to this report, the London Olympic Delivery Authority has been forcing contractors to sign ‘draconian’ deals, essentially barring them from discussing conditions, progress, costs (including environmental and health and safety costs) or anything else of interest about the development of the Olympic site in east London for six whole years. The contracts certainly seems […]

China: Beijing protest zone sham

The Chinese authorities are yet to issue any permits for the designated ‘protest zones’ which were installed as a gesture of openness and freedom in conjunction with the Olympic Games. The state media organ, Xinhua, reported that 77 applications had been put forward by 149 individuals, with three were from international citizens. All of these […]

China: Index on Censorship writer detained

Blogger Zhou ‘Zola’ Shugang, known in China as the ‘nailhouse blogger’, was placed under house arrest last week by Chinese authorities seeking to prevent him travelling to Beijing. Zola has frequently drawn attention to issues hushed up by the Chinese authorities. Read ‘Notes on the Net’, Zola’s article on Internet activism for Index on Censorship‘s […]

China: Olympics media restricted

Journalist John Ray of ITV and Guardian photographer Dan Chung have both reported being ‘manhandled’ by the Chinese police while covering a pro-Tibet protest in Beijing. Ray was also detained by police who claimed to have mistaken him for an activist, despite his having shown identification which proved otherwise. Seven activists present at the protest […]

Countdown to Beijing, part 4

Continuing our series of articles from Index on Censorship’s ‘Made In China’ issue, Internet pioneer Isaac Mao explains why freedom of thought is what China needs most. Read here (pdf)

Chinese man sentenced to ‘re-education’ for quake photos

Liu Shaokun, a school employee, has been sentenced to a year of ‘re-education under labour’ after posting pictures of schools that collapsed in May’s Sichuan earthquake on the web. Chinese people were forbidden from taking pictures of the devastation, as they raised questions about planning and building. Read more here

Countdown to Beijing, part 3

Continuing our series of articles from Index on Censorship‘s ‘Made In China’ issue, Rebecca MacKinnon discusses how online pioneers are changing Chinese culture Read article here (pdf)

Countdown to Beijing

In the lead up to the Olympic Games in China, will be publishing articles from our journal. This week, an interview with Ai Weiwei, the artistic genius behind Beijing’s ‘bird’s nest’ stadium. Read Ai Weiwei interview here (pdf)