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Four parts of Sochi 2014 the Russians didn’t want their citizens to see

alt informationSome of the biggest talking points from the Winter Olympics were muted in the host country. Alastair Sloan reports

Who are Putin’s Olympic guests?

alt informationObama might be snubbing Sochi, but these lesser-known politicians should get their share of the spotlight

Will Olympians defy their protest ban and stand up for gay rights at Sochi?

Athletes have used the Olympics to deliver political messages in the past, writes Milana Knezevic

Putin promises discrimination free Olympics – should you believe him?

Here are a few cases that show just how empty Putin's promises are

A proposal to ban every (gay) sport from the Winter Olympics

alt informationYou may have heard: Russia just passed an “anti-gay propaganda” law. You may know: Russia is hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics. Ryan O'Hanlon of Pacific Standard magazine writes

Censorship, self-censorship and the Olympic spirit: Confusion over blocking of BBC content as Olympic rules kick in

Chilling free speech in the name of brands, rights and commercialisation is not what promoting the Olympic spirit is about, says Kirsty Hughes Read more about Locog's tactics on our Free Speech Blog

Censorship subverts Olympic ideals

The censorship and control-freakery imposed by Locog makes a mockery of the idea that the London Olympics are open and inclusive, says Kirsty Hughes Read more about Locog's tactics on our Free Speech Blog

London 2012: Spy games

With the colossal security apparatus in place for the London Olympics, due to begin next week, Katitza Rodriguez and Rebecca Bowe look at how intense surveillance can threaten privacy long after the games are over

Locog: the ultimate bad sport

Natalie Haynes gets to grips with the rules and regulations policing the brand of the London Games

In a league of its own

As sports stories grab the headlines in the run up to the Olympics, Martin Polley explores the human rights issues surrounding sporting events

UK: receives police warning for Facebook joke about Olympic flame

A woman who joked on Facebook that she planned to squirt the Olympic flame with a water pistol has been issued with a warning by police. Helen Perry posted the joke on a local newspaper page, and was contacted by the police several weeks later. In the post, Perry added that she would block the route through […]

The 2012 Olympic: Big Brother comes to town?

London’s 2012 Olympic Games have already been entangled in one censorship controversy. But measures that will be in force during the game themselves pose a far greater threat to free expression, says Aileen McColgan