Bahrain: Four protestors sentenced to death

Yesterday (27 April) a Bahraini military court has sentenced four protestors to death and a further three to life in prison. The seven people were convicted of killing two policemen during protests in the country last month. While the foreign press was barred from entering the courtroom, selected journalists from the state-run media were allowed to attend. The Bahrain Center for Human Rights condemned the verdict and called on the authorities to reverse their decision.

DRC: Police on trial for activist’s murder

Eight police officers have gone on trial in a Kinshasa military court charged with the kidnap and murder of a human rights activist. Three of the accused are on the run and are being tried in absentia. Floribert Chebeya went missing in June after trying to meet chief of police General John Numbi. His body was found soon after in the back seat of his car. Chebeya was the head of Voice of the Voiceless (VSV). VSV says that General Numbi is the chief suspect but, although he has been suspended, he is not facing any charges.