Somalia: journalist killed

A journalist from Radio Shabelle has been murdered in Somalia. Ahmed Ado Anshur was shot dead on his way home from work in Mogadishu yesterday. The young journalist was the host of a popular radio programme Qubanaha Wararka, and was renowned for his outspoken views on the political situation. He was shot several times in the head and chest as he crossed a local market and died instantly. Anshur is the sixth journalist to be murdered in Somalia since the start of the year. Six other journalists from Radio Shabelle have been killed in the last five years.

Somalia: Media network director gunned down outside home

The director of a media group has become the first journalist to be killed in Somalia in 2012. Shabelle Media Network director Hassan Osman Abdi was shot outside his home in Mogadishu at 6.30pm on Saturday. Five gunmen shot the father of three in the head and chest as he returned from work. The shooting is believed to be connected to the network’s recent radio coverage of government corruption. Abdi is the first journalist to be killed in 2012 in Somalia, and the third Shabelle Media Network director to be murdered, following Bashir Nur Gedi in 2007 and Mukhtar Mohamed Hirabe in 2009.

Journalist murdered in Somalia

Mukhtar Mohamed Hirabe, director of Radio Shabelle was shot in the head four times by three armed men on his way to work in the capital Mogadishu. This is the third fatal attack on the radio station staff in 2009. Read more here