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Index Index – International free speech round up 31/01/13

A woman who said she was raped by state security forces and the journalist who interviewed her were charged by police on 29 January in Somalia. Journalist Abdiaziz Abdinur Ibrahim could face four years imprisonment for insulting a government body and two years for inducing false evidence. Abdiaziz has been charged with insulting a government body, simulating a criminal offence […]

Name of Ched Evans’ rape victim highlighted again on Twitter

Alice Purkiss: Name of Ched Evans’ rape victim highlighted again on Twitter

PayPal backtracks on disputed ‘obscene’ e-book policy

Online payment service PayPal have backtracked on a policy against processing sales of e-books containing themes of rape, bestiality or incest. Protests from authors and anti-censorship activist groups, including Index on Censorship, led to a revision of their policy, which will now focus on e-books that contain potentially illegal images, not e-books that are limited to just text. […]

Angola: Police threaten media over officer’s rape arrest

Police in Angola have threatened the local media after they reported about a senior police officer charged with rape. The 21-year-old woman’s rape occurred on 19 April but the story was made public after Jose Tiaba da Costa, the sub-inspector of Benguela province’s transport police, handed himself 10 days afterwards. The police said the reporting […]

Zuma accepts damages from Guardian

The Guardian has published an apology and has settled out of court for an undisclosed amount with the South African President. The paper had described president Zuma in an article as a rapist. President Zuma, although brought to court for both rape and corruption was not convicted as guilty. Read more here

Week-long strike ends in Kashmir

Life is returning to normal in Indian-administered Kashmir after eight days of protests over the alleged rape and killing of two young women, and press access which was previously minimal, is easing. Read more here